Union warned Onondaga County that selling Van Duyn would put “profit before people” (Your letters)

For the publisher:

Recently, the appalling conditions of the Van Duyn nursing home were made public, and this happened after the sale of Van Duyn by Onondaga County in 2013. I was unit chairman of the CSEA while the establishment belonged to the county. Our own employees, along with the CSEA, have warned that privatizing this facility will lead to a slippery slope in profit before people, as usually happens with a lucrative business. Not only has it become a fact, but it seems to be a horrible and horrible life for our most vulnerable, our beautiful elderly citizens.

We must come back to this point and ask ourselves whether the sale of Van Duyn was wise. Van Duyn’s operating costs were very high. But the same goes for the costs of amphitheatres, future sports complexes, aquariums or any other government enterprise. When we had a top-notch workforce in the county and our seniors were protected under our watch, ask yourself: was it wise to sell Van Duyn Home and Hospital to a profit-making company that ended up? by making it a horrible nightmare for our most precious? How should we spend our money, if not to care for and cherish those who have taken care of us, our elderly? Reflect.

Peter Nagurney

East of Syracuse

The author is the former chairman of Van Duyn’s CSEA unit.


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