Trump allies launch publishing house in a bid to shake up the book industry

Trump has yet to write a post-presidential brief. And part of the reason, according to industry sources, is that some of the major publishing houses have recoiled at the prospect of having to check on their work or the social backlash that would follow.

With allies setting up their own publishing house, the president could potentially sidestep these hurdles. It allows Trump confidants to manage everything from publishing to in-house marketing, while maintaining purchasing data. But it also left the impression in the industry that the former president has given up on trying to strike a deal with one of the “Big Five” houses.

“I suspect that Trump is self-editing because he doesn’t want the humiliation of getting a smaller lead than before or anyone finding out it’s smaller than Obama’s,” one said. responsible for editing. Former President Barack and former First Lady Michelle Obama have reportedly sold their book rights to Penguin Random House for over $ 60 million. “I imagine this is as important a part as anything.”

Trump Jr. and Gor’s foray into the publishing world follows the recent announcement of Trump’s future media company: Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG). TMTG hasn’t launched a single product but is reportedly valued at billions, according to Forbes. A publishing house launched exclusively for Trump and pro-Trump content could be just as lucrative, according to experts in the publishing industry.

“There has been a proliferation of footprints and companies to capitalize on a larger economic trend which is the segmentation of our economy into partisan tribes. Publishing follows this path, ”said Keith Urbahn, president and co-founder of Javelin, a literary and creative agency. “This could be the future in terms of post-presidential publishing, especially for Republicans who feel persecuted by the mainstream media, big tech and New York publishing houses. It is their way of doing things. “

Other conservatives have taken the path taken by Trump. Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire media company has started its own publishing arm, for example. But sources in the publishing world say these cases are the exception to the norm, and more often than not, book authors will have to go through more traditional publishing houses because they lack a megaphone like this one. of the former president.

“I think this makes perfect sense to him because he doesn’t need any help promoting his book,” said Thomas Spence, president of Regnery Publishing. “When you’ve got the platform he has and he can promote the book and do the things that most mortals need a publisher for them, then why hand over the lion’s share of the proceeds to the book? editor? “

Winning Team Publishing has been in the works for six months, according to Gor, who helped Trump write his latest photo book. And there are big ambitions for the pro-Trump footprint. Donald Trump Jr. will work with the house on his third book, and Winning Team Publishing plans to announce a “best-selling” curator as an author soon.

“Publishers have become stagnant in their ways. We integrate the best of business, data, politics and media to reach a wider audience than ever before. We are striving to be the biggest conservative publishing house, ”said Gor, president of Winning Team Publishing. “There is no one more in demand than President Donald Trump, and we are delighted to have him as our first author. “

Publishing conservative authors has become a public relations headache for some major publishers. After the Capitol Riots on January 6, Simon & Schuster canceled plans to publish a book by Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), And suffered backlash for his decision to publish a book by the former vice president Mike Pence.

Despite public sensitivity to the publication of some right-wing authors, there remains a huge appetite in the industry to publish conservative authors and Trumpworld figures. Jared Kushner is writing a book with Broadside Books, a conservative imprint of HarperCollins, and Kellyanne Conway is expected to release her book next year at Simon & Schuster. Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows and former business adviser Peter Navarro also have books from All Seasons Press, which was formed this year by two former editors who wanted to welcome “those authors who are attacked, harassed, banned from social media, and in some cases outright rejected by politically correct editors.

Winning Team Publishing joins other conservative publishers like Regnery Publishing and All Seasons Press, although it initially focused strictly on Trump. Their website is

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