The most profitable crafts

In Stardew Valley there are several ways to earn money, as there are different skills to tackle and each has its own ways of generating income. Every season there are crops that are definitely worth investing in as they can be much more lucrative. However, another great way to earn money is to use crops and other items to make crafts.

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The best way to maximize profits when it comes to selling handicrafts is to choose the coxswain profession at farming level 5, then the Artisan profession at level 10 farming. The Artisan profession increases the selling price of crafted goods by 40%. But of course, Stardew Valley players should always know the best crafts and what to focus on.

seven Caviar

Stardew Valley Caviar

Caviar is an expensive craft product that can be obtained from sturgeon eggs. All it takes to get it is a canning jar, a fish pond and a sturgeon. The player must first build a fish pond on their farm and then populate it with at least one sturgeon. These fish can be caught in the mountain lake in both summer and winter.

The sturgeon will produce Sturgeon Roe, which, when placed in the canning jar, turns into caviar instead of aged eggs. The caviar will sell for 500g, or 700g if the player has chosen the artisan profession.


6 Honey Rose Fairy

honey farm

There are several types of honey in Stardew Valley, and some of them more valuable than others. Wild Honey does not require any type of flower to be placed around the bee house, but it is only worth 100g. However, flower honey will sell for a much higher price.

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Planting a Fairy Rose flower near a bee house in the fall will result in Fairy Rose Honey, which is worth 680g, or 952g with the Artisan profession. So, placing various bee houses around the Fairy Rose flowers will create many honeypots at the same time. Placing them as shown in the image above will maximize profits.

5 Pickles & Juice

make stardew valley pickles

The value of a specific type of pickles depends on the vegetable placed in the canning jar. This is calculated by multiplying the base value of the vegetable by two and adding fifty. Therefore, less valuable vegetables aren’t worth much when turned into pickles.

Pumpkins are a valuable vegetable. Pumpkin pickles are worth 690g (966g with Artisan). Pumpkin juice is also worth preparing. The juice value is calculated by multiplying the base value of the vegetable by 2.25, which makes pumpkin juice sell for 720g (or 1008g with Artisan).

4 Truffle Oil

Stardew Valley Truffle Oil

Once the player has upgraded his barn to a deluxe barn, he will be able to own pigs. Pigs can dig up Truffles, which can be made into Truffle Oil in the Oil Maker. Iridium quality truffles are worth 1250g, but basic quality truffles are only worth 625g. Turning these less valuable truffles into oil is a great way to use them.

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Once in the Oil Maker, it only takes six hours of play for the truffle to turn into oil. JThe product can be sold for 1065 g (1491 g with Artisan.)

3 White beer

Pale ale in the items menu.

White beer is actually one of the most profitable items in the entire game. It is crafted from Hop, and players can purchase Hops Starter for just 60g. Additionally, this plant produces once ripe every day, allowing players to reap a huge harvest.

Placing a harvested hop in a keg will turn it into a Pale Ale in less than two days, after which it will only be worth around 300g. However, once ready, the pale ale can be casked. After 34 days, it will age to an iridium-grade Pale Ale, which is worth 600g (840g with Artisan). It takes time, but it’s a great investment.

2 Jelly

make stardew valley star fruit jelly

Jelly works very similarly to pickles in Stardew Valley. The only thing the player has to do is place a fruit in the jar instead of a vegetable. carambola is the fruit that will sell for the highest price, so it can produce high-value products. His jelly is so profitable because of this exact reason.

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Star fruit jelly will sell for 1,550g (2,107g with Artisan). There are, of course, much less valuable jellies, but this jam can be sold for a very high price.

1 Wine

Stardew Valley Wine and Kegs

Wine is the most valuable craft good players can craft, as it is worth three times the value of the fruit placed in the cask to craft it. Once the fruit has been turned into wine, it can be put in barrels, just like lager beer, and aged to increase its quality. Silver and gold wines are very valuable, but Iridium quality wine is the best.

Ancient fruit and carambola are the most interesting to turn into wine. Iridium Grade Heirloom Wine is worth 3300g (4620g with Artisan) Iridium Grade Carambola Wine is worth 4500g (6300g with Artisan) and is one of the most valuable items a player can produce.

Stardew Valley is available for Android, iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S

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