Scalpers drive up the price of the Razer Zephyr

Scalpers sell Razer’s Zephyr RGB full face mask at extremely inflated prices on eBay.

The Zephyr air-purifying face mask with quality N95 filters retails for $ 99.99, but is currently completely sold out on Razer’s website. Some of these sold masks were scavenged by scalpers, who are currently selling them at ridiculous prices on eBay. An article search shows many items sold, all ranging from $ 250 to $ 500.

Razer Zephyr – Official Revelation

The Razer Zephyr didn’t go on sale until October 22, so this scalping situation happened almost immediately. The Zephyr itself was first shown as a concept at CES 2021, and shortly thereafter announced as an actual product. Its status as an N95 respirator means it protects against droplets and splashes, just like an effective COVID mask. The sleek, almost cyberpunk design is quite unique, so it’s understandable that it sold out so quickly. It’s just a shame that several of them were used by scalpers to make a huge profit.

Scalping has been a huge problem in games lately, thanks to the popularity of the new generation of consoles. An estimate of 10-15% of PS5 consoles sold in the United States went to scalpers, with resellers making millions in profit. Scalpers have also targeted the new Nvidia graphics cards. This global situation prompted the UK government to ban scalping. While this is a new wave in the gaming space, we’ve seen it all in sneaker culture before.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment editor.

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