Pelosi denounces “attitude of anarchy” in San Francisco, says “I don’t know” where it came from


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday called recent waves of crime, including organized retail theft, in San Francisco and elsewhere in the United States, “scandalous” and denounced “an attitude of anarchy “which she says is behind it all.

Pelosi, D-Calif., Made the comments when asked about recent comments from San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who is stepping up efforts to “change course on how we provide security public “and crack down on crime.

“This is absolutely outrageous. Obviously this cannot go on,” Pelosi said. “But the point is, there is an attitude of anarchy in our country that comes from I don’t know where… and we cannot make that anarchy become the norm.


“These people coordinate with each other and plan traffic patterns and the rest so that they can hit their target and leave really quickly,” Pelosi added of the brazen thefts in the headline retail stores. newspapers nationwide. “” It’s not like someone is stealing something to get home because they don’t have money to buy. It’s about stealing for profit. “

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Pauses while speaking to reporters during her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, December 15, 2021.
(REUTERS / Elizabeth Frantz)

The Speaker of the House said that a bill coming to the House could include several provisions regarding the source of income of those who “steal for profit”, who are often online.

“In this bill, the Energy and Trade Committee has something called INFORM… legislation that would require those who sell online in particular to establish their legitimacy as to the origin of these products. people do is steal things and sell them online, ”Pelosi said.

“The judiciary commission has a bill, Save Shopping, which tackles the same problem in a different way in terms of empowering platforms and those who sell things responsible for the prominence of these products,” she said. added. “No way people can think they can just steal things and profit from them and be unaccountable.”

Pelosi also, during his press conference, touted the passage of a bill in the House to fight Islamophobia and another condemning the Chinese oppression of Uyghur Muslims.

“It’s genocide,” Pelosi said of the way the Chinese Communist Party treats this ethnic minority.


The speaker also said she hoped the Senate would soon pass a massive Democrat reconciliation spending bill. She specifically touted the child care provisions in the bill and the child tax credit checks – the latest of which is sent out Wednesday unless Congress passes legislation to renew it.

But she did not respond to criticism of the child care provisions in the bill which many believe could nearly double the annual price of child care for many middle-class families in imposing costly new regulations and wage demands on child care centers.

Chad Pergram of Fox News contributed to this report.


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