New popular Woolworths article sold by the hundreds on Facebook

Woolworths customers are increasingly frustrated with the retailer’s Bricks promotion, which sold out in less than a week in many stores.

The supermarket rolled out its long-awaited Woolworths Bricks to NSW and ACT stores on Wednesday, but most have already been drawn to enthusiastic shoppers.

A customer took to social media to share a series of photos of “scalpers” trying to sell their Woolworths Bricks on Facebook Marketplace for a profit.

“When are you going to take out more trucks to stop these filthy people from doing this?” The disappointed woman asked.

Woolworths customers have taken to social media to share a series of photos of ‘scalpers’ trying to sell their Bricks collectibles online. Source: Facebook

In the photos, a customer sells a large Woolworths Bricks truck for $ 70, while another advertises a pair of trucks for $ 120 and a third person sells a large truck and starter pack for $ 100.

These additional collectibles can be purchased in-store and online for $ 10 for the delivery truck, $ 15 for the large truck, and starting at $ 6 for the starter pack – meaning foodie customers could grab a almost 400% online profit if they manage to sell them at the prices listed.

Customers shared their own frustrations in the comments, with one sharing a photo from several Facebook Marketplace listings for the Bricks, saying, “Scalpers everywhere.”

Collectibles from Woolworths Bricks supermarket.  Source: Woolworths Group

Woolworths buyers have expressed disappointment at missing the Bricks on social media. Source: Woolworths Group

While others lamented that their children were disappointed because the Bricks sold out: “Some of us just want one at a reasonable price for our child.”

“Checked last night on eBay, but I can’t afford $ 70 for a truck no matter how much my kid wants it.”

A quick eBay search returns over 1,400 listings for Woolworths Bricks, while Gumtree shows 225 results from customers selling their Lego-style collectibles.

Customers slam Woolworths after Bricks sold out in days

Hordes of angry shoppers have taken to the Woolworths Facebook page to slam the supermarket giant for selling their durable Brick collectibles within days.

The Bricks, which originally launched for customers in Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania on September 8, has also been sold in these states a few days after its release.

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci assured shoppers in NSW and ACT that the supermarket has set aside plenty of collectible packs “to make sure no one is missing anything.”

However, customers on Facebook wondered if this was the case after most of the inventory sold out in 20 minutes.

“I thought Woolies was saving bricks for NSW?” Asked a frustrated customer.

“I tried to buy last week and your page kept redirecting me. Now there is no more stock in store (arrived 20 minutes after opening yesterday) or online, ”she wrote.

The baffled customer posted a screenshot of the Woolworths website, which showed two items in stock and a warning from the supermarket upstairs.

The warning reads: “Due to the high demand for Woolworths Bricks merchandise, unfortunately some products are now out of stock. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. “

Woolworths Bricks listings on eBay.  Source: eBay

The “Scalpers” sell Woolworths bricks on eBay, Gumtree and other online marketplaces. Source: eBay

A representative for Woolworths also responded on Facebook, apologizing to the buyer and offering to inquire for her.

“We’re sorry that you couldn’t get any of our Bricks collectibles.” We understand how popular they are and don’t want you to miss them, so we would like to take a look at that, ”said the representative for Woolworths.

Woolworths rep says there will be “no further stock drop”

Another Newcastle customer called anyone who knew where to find the Brick trucks after they sold out in a day.

“I tried to call, but without success. I know they advertised while supplies last, but I expected them to last a little longer than that. It would have been a pleasure to stay at home with the children, ”said the unhappy mother.

Woolworths Brick collectibles in their packs.  Source: Woolworths Group

Woolworths shoppers have slammed the supermarket giant for selling their durable Brick collectibles within days. Source: Woolworths Group

Several customers shared similar sentiments on Facebook, saying the latest promotion for Woolies collectibles was “disappointing” and that they hoped the supermarket would relaunch the promotion.

Much to the customer’s dismay, a representative for Woolworths informed the buyer in a comment on their Facebook post that the bricks were indeed depleted and the stock would not be restocked.

“There will be no further inventory drop for Woolworths Bricks at this time, any remaining inventory is only available while supplies last. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your comments, ”wrote the Woolworths representative.

Woolworths Confirms Brick Packs Will Go To NSW And ACT Stores

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the supermarket has seen similar demand for bricks across NSW and ACT, as in the rest of the country, with delivery trucks selling.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen families embrace the program, whether it’s collecting Woolworths bricks with their store to help build their own version of a sustainable Woolworths supermarket, or purchasing the accompanying programs. the goods, ”the spokesperson said.

“We are delighted to have launched NSW and ACT this week and are seeing a similar response.

“The inventory of Woolworths bricks and starter kits that help support the construction of the durable Woolworths supermarket replica remain strong in all states and territories and will continue to flow to stores. “

The spokesperson confirmed that despite ordering more merchandise to go along with the collectibles program, Woolworths found that demand for items, like the replica of the electric delivery truck, far exceeded their expectations.

“We apologize for any disappointment caused if customers find that one of the Woolworths Bricks delivery trucks is already sold out in their store or online, and thank customers for their patience if any stores are waiting to receive additional stock from Woolworths. Bricks. “

More stock of Woolworths Bricks packs will continue to be shipped to NSW and ACT stores that have depleted their original stock due to high demand “while stocks last.”

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