Kerala Hotel Bars Start Selling Foreign Alcohol Made in India | News Thiruvananthapuram


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Hotel bars owned by the Federation of Kerala Hotel Associations resumed the sale of IMFL (foreign liquors made in India) on Friday after the government slashed the profit margin of the state-owned Kerala Beverage Corporation ( Bevco) at 13%.
Hotel bar owners protested after the government last month raised the profit margin from 8% to 25%, citing the need to improve the company’s financial situation.
According to hotel bar owners, bars make around a margin of Rs 150 for sales worth Rs 1,000. Of this, Rs 100 is paid to the government as turnover tax. When Bevco’s profit margin was increased to 25%, the profit of the bar hotels fell to less than Rs 100. From there the turnover tax of Rs 100 had to be paid, making it a loss.
A team of officials comprising the secretary (financial resources), the secretary (taxes) and the excise commissioner had discussions with the representatives of the hotel bar in this regard. The government’s decision to reduce Bevco’s profit margin from 25% to 13% came as a result.
The owners of bar hotels have also made a representation to the government asking for an extension of sales hours similar to that of Bevco outlets. “Currently, we are only allowed to sell the IMFL from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.,” said the secretary general of the federation, KB Padmadas.
Crowd control: The government will deploy excise and police services in front of Bevco outlets to reduce and control crowds, said Excise Commissioner S Aananthakrishnan.
He said the excise department will search all Bevco outlets to make sure all counters are open and functional. Following the High Court’s adverse remarks against overcrowding outside outlets, Bevco had given strict instructions to its staff to ensure that Covid protocols are strictly followed.
Bevco has established several guidelines, including that a token installation must be guaranteed, that customers must strictly follow social distancing and other protocols, ensure clean drinking water for customers, etc.


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