I shop second hand for interiors and resell them for a living… I made £190 profit on a £20 chair

A YOUNG WOMAN shared how she makes a living buying interior pieces from thrift stores and selling them online.

Chloe Gonzo from Dallas, USA is basically a professional thrift shop finder, offering great deals and reselling them for a profit.


Chloe learned to spot the best buys at thrift stores and resell them for a profit1 credit
When viewers thought these chairs looked like they belonged in an airport, Chloe sold one for $250


When viewers thought these chairs looked like they belonged in an airport, Chloe sold one for $2501 credit

Chloe has shared numerous videos of her thrift store finds on TikTok and reveals how much she earns with each item after reselling them.

Similar to charity shops, thrift stores run on people donating old junk they no longer want, so people can buy it at a fraction of the price.

In a video that went viral with over four million views, Chloe revealed how she made a huge profit selling chairs she found in a store.

Chloe explained how she bought a set of four blue chairs with silver frames for $100 (£76), she decided to resell the chairs individually online.

From there, she sold a chair she listed as a ‘mid-century design’ for $250 (£190), already making her a profit of £90 and Chloe had three more chairs to sell.

While some users claimed they looked like the chairs you find in airports, Chloe proved the right person is willing to pay big bucks if advertised correctly.

She wrote: “This is for all the people who said these chairs look like they could get them for free from the airport dumpster.”

Chloe was also able to resell a set of ‘antique’ candle holders she had found for $8 (£6), which she put up for sale for $35 (£26).


Many people have figured out that the trick to reselling is to use keywords such as “antique” or “mid-century” in the product description, as both are trendy interior styles right now. moment.

But Chloe notes that she always does her research and finds out where and when the items were made to make sure she doesn’t mislead shoppers.

Some people weren’t impressed that Chloe was reselling thrift store items at a markup, one said sarcastically, “Great now, those who can’t afford expensive furniture don’t have of furniture.”

But many defended her saying it was just business.

One person wrote: “How crazy are people? Literally most businesses buy things from vendors and resell them for a profit.”

“How is saving and selling different from a normal store that buys inventory and sells?” Another user added.

A third person said: “That’s a grind and super smart, don’t think anyone should say otherwise.”

By selling the set as candle holders


Selling the set as “antique” candle holders, Chloe was about to make a profit of $271 credit

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