Best way to sell your car in Wilmington

Are you ready to sell your car but don’t know the best way to sell it? You’re not alone!

Now is the perfect time to sell your car! Everyone has heard of the global shortage of semiconductor chips that has led to fewer new vehicles being produced. This shortage has increased the demand for used cars. This has resulted in an increase in the price that used car consumers receive on their cars, trucks and SUVs.

You need to understand your options for selling your car before heading to the dealership to buy a new car (if you can find one). Or maybe you just want to take advantage of the exceptionally high prices you can get for that used car, truck or SUV.

Know how much your car is worth.

First, know the value of your used vehicle. The market changes weekly, sometimes daily. None of us know exactly when used car prices will drop or if they will drop in 2022. The value of your vehicle will vary depending on that year’s availability, make and model. Do your research!

Shop around for offers.

Then there are several online services, such as,, CarMax, Carvana,, Vroom and Kelly Blue Book that will give you an instant online deal and you never have to leave your house. . Be as detailed and specific as possible about the condition of your vehicle. This will save you disappointment later when they arrive at your house and want to offer you less for your car because you forgot to tell them about that crack in your windshield or the bald tires.

You can also visit your local dealerships and see what they will offer you to buy your car. The dealers are running out of inventory and may pay you a fair amount. However, keep in mind that they are in the business of money. They will have to buy your car at a price at which they can then resell it on their used car lot or auction and make a profit.

Ask yourself if “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) is right for you.

Other ways to sell your car (but it will take a bit more time and patience) is to sell through Facebook Marketplace or list it on Craigslist. You will have to work around the schedules of potential buyers and haggle back and forth. Some people enjoy this process. Others prefer to avoid this process at all costs. Don’t forget to contact your family, friends and colleagues. They are often a good resource to spread the word for you if they themselves are not interested. You can usually get more money selling it yourself, but you have to deal with the paperwork and timing of getting the check or money from their teller to pay off the remaining balance on your car if you still owe it. Safety first! Make sure you meet potential buyers in a safe environment.

There are also online sites that will allow you to list your car for free or for a small fee. Something to consider if you are in no rush to sell your vehicle and you will reach a wider audience of potential buyers.

Consider uncommon buyers like rental companies or businesses.

Did you know that several car rental companies now buy cars? Enterprise and Hertz, for example, are a different online option to give you an instant online deal. They have been hit hard during the pandemic and like many of us have been unable to buy new cars. There is a high demand for car rental all year round for business trips and especially during the summer for holidays.

Local purchasing services streamline the process.

If you are already tired of reading about many (not all) options available to you today, consider contacting We are locally owned and have a local buyer who covers Wilmington and surrounding areas. We also have a local buyer who covers Raleigh and surrounding areas. Our car buying process is simple! We beat customer offers from other car buying services and dealerships by an average of $400. If you don’t have an offer yet, we will offer you our best offer and save you time.

If you are considering trading in your car, check out our blog, 5 reasons selling your car at is better than trading it to a dealership. We also have other blogs that will help you figure out the best way to sell your car.

Call buyers you can trust.

If you want more information about us, visit our website, Ready to sell your car? Call us at 1-844-400-MORE. If you’d rather text, text us your best written offer and we’ll beat an average of $400. If you don’t have an offer yet, text us with the VIN and mileage at (910) 550-3586 and we’ll get back to you promptly with our offer.

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