Baltimore-area businesses raise thousands for Ukraine – CBS Baltimore

TIMONIUM, Md. (WJZ) — Local businesses in the Baltimore area are stepping up to help the people of Ukraine.

Floral Fetes in Timonium has raised over $40,000 for war-affected people by selling “Blooms for Ukraine” bouquets and receiving donations via Venmo.

“It’s really, really, really powerful, we didn’t expect that,” said shop owner Vitoria Clausen.

Clausen, who was born in Ukraine and still has friends and family there, has already sent some of the money home. She told WJZ it was used to buy field ambulances to evacuate people with disabilities and to support refugee bases that clothe and feed hundreds of people.

“100% of proceeds go to Ukrainians with refugee efforts with logistical support,” Clausen said.

Bouquets start at $30 and can be purchased online by visiting their website or visiting in-store. Delivery is also available.

Charm City Chocolate in Hampden helps Ukraine by selling boxes of sunflower themed chocolates. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine. The company supports a non-profit organization that sends medical aid to people in need.

“We’ve sold dozens of these boxes, they retail for about $20 and of the $20 we donate $10 for each box sold to the nonprofit organization Sunflower of Peace,” said Todd Zimmerman, co-owner of business.

Boxes can be purchased online or in-store. Pickup and delivery are available.

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