An important cornerstone of rural revitalization in the Hainan Free Trade Port

HAIKOU, China, 20 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – Forest giants line rolling fields to the sound of insects and birds. A gurgling stream drives a water wheel. This pastoral scene that dates back to ancient times is now being reintroduced in new and interesting ways through China.

In 2017, from China south island province of Hainan, with its assets on tropical agricultural resources and the rural ecological environment, was the first place in the country to propose the development of “shared farms”, with the aim of promoting the shared prosperity of rural areas and farmers.

Being part of from China A modern “sharing economy”, shared farms promote the use of fallow fields. This new approach to agriculture results in the further integration of several industries, including agriculture, tourism, education, culture, health care and scientific research.

The development of shared farms has been a boon for the inhabitants. Placing their fallows and vacant houses under unified management, they were able to increase their income through wage labor while being able to sell their local agricultural products. This creates a solution that benefits the entire village economy.

Rewards have already been reaped by residents of Damao village in Sanya, where the annual per capita income of farmers has increased from 8,620 CNY in 2017 at 21,500 CNY in 2020 and Youwen Village in Danzhou where he went from 13,000 CNY in 2019 at 21,000 CNY in 2020.

Log cabins in the Sino-Nature garden of Sanya village in Damao, in the south of Hainan province.

In addition, shared farms give local products greater added value and offer businesses a greater profit margin. By combining agriculture, culture and travel, these farms are able to develop more niche products thanks to the “tourism +” and “ecology +” economic models.

Shared farms not only directly improve the lives of from China rural populations, but also contribute to the rebirth and preservation of the local cultural heritage. For local communities, the cumulative benefits of shared farms are welcome.

With an increasing number of shared farms springing up, the path to from China rural revitalization is becoming increasingly evident.

From November 2021, Hainan saw the creation of 200 shared farms. In 2020, the farms received more than 2.2 million visitors, 850 million CNY in direct operating income, with a profit of CNY 160 million.

At December 14-15, Sanya’s Damao Shared Farm hosted the 2021 Shared Farm conference, attracting experts, academics and entrepreneurs working in rural development and agriculture. The conference discussed the use of high-quality shared agricultural development to boost the shared economic prosperity of Chinese farmers and rural areas.

Sanya Shared Farm Damao hosted the 2021 Shared Farm Conference on December 14-15.
Sanya Shared Farm Damao hosted the 2021 Shared Farm Conference on December 14-15.

that of Hainan exploratory work on the development of shared farms over the past five years has demonstrated the viability of this development model as an important cornerstone of from China future rural revitalization.

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