Ameren approved $ 57.6 million hike


PEORIA (25 NEWS) – On Monday, December 13, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) approved Ameren’s first tariff increase in the past six years. The funds will be used to invest and improve electrical systems and prepare the grid as Illinois shifts to clean energy options. The cost increase is expected to be around $ 2.50, but the state with the Climate and Fair Employment Act means customers will pay more.

“We are all for the transition to clean energy. It’s good for the planet, it’s good for society, it’s obviously good for our customers. But these things will come at a cost. Clean energy is not free energy, ”says Tucker Kennedy, Ameren’s communications director.

In September 2021, lawmakers adopted CEJA to develop energy efficiently. The energy bill will also create more solar jobs in the Peoria area. Solar jobs will give people living in poverty the opportunity to earn middle class wages.

“Some consumer groups predicted that the changes that were put in place as a result of the state’s new energy law could add up to fifteen dollars a month,” Kennedy said.

Members of the Citizens Utility Board say consumers are already overwhelmed by costs.

“Obviously this is a bad time for Ameren’s customers, they are already paying high prices for natural gas,” said Jim Chilsen, communications director at Citizens Utility Board.

They say a 6% increase in electricity deliveries is not fair to consumers. The organization says it is understood to use funds for readiness tactics, but the other costs are for-profit only.

Kennedy confirmed that the delivery chargers are for profit. CEJA’s clean energy bill will come into effect in 2024, but Ameren’s tariff increases to be prepared will begin in 2022.

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